Jaden smith ft. Syre - again

Jaden Smith ft. SYRE – Again + lyrics

Jaden Smith ft. SYRE – Again MP3 DOWNLOAD

Jaden Smith comes through with a new track titled “Again”.

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“Again” features a mysterious feature from SYRE, which is the title of Jaden’s previous body of work and one of the artist’s alter-egos.

Download, listen and be sure to tell us what you think about this track in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Jaden Smith ft. SYRE – Again

Again lyrics

Woo, woo

Where that chump, when I jump, wait I’m back on this again
From the back to the front, pump some vision hittin licks
Test fresh in the cut, then roll out with the kicks
Well they say I fucking did it, but I don’t know what I did

Star Wars with the clique, I’m Han Solo with the whips
Kobe with the pass, had to hit it no assist
Take her back to [*bleep*] then we went and coalesce
Icon livin’, know you seen it the flesh
Look, tell them boys I’m coming for they head top (Their head)
They talk a lot, just wait until my set drop (Drop)
I truly cannot wait to hear your next flop (Flop)
Be careful nigga, this is not your Xbox
Ooh, keep your chest up
This is just my desktop, flows out the Tesla
Now that they ain’t got no sugar, dude they just a chatterbox
Now I wear a muzzle to the bed ’cause I laugh a lot
Now I tell the paparazzi “Turn the fucking cameras off”
Now I gotta get the whole Cartier catalog
That’s the only finger always knew I was an animal
Hottest on the block, what you thought nigga tenfold
Now I feel magnificent, I feel like I’m a rhinestone
I was feeling too indifferent, had to switch the tempo
I stay out the music business, I stay in the end zone
They said I’m with chains, with the checks
With the gang, all the same to this day

When I jump, when I jump, wait I’m back on this again
From the back to the front, pump some vision and hittin licks
That’s fresh with the cut, I roll out with the kicks
Well they say I fucking did it, but I don’t know what I did

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
In the city lit again, in the city lit again
Had to cough up all my problems, think I lost a couple bands
Talkin’ like they solid but they castles in the sand
I hop in the phantom with the chemic with the feds
Look, Florence 1450 in my head (In my head)
Keep that marble sculpture by my bed (By my bed, yeah)
If you not with it, play it to the last, stay right there

All this gold, oh save us all
You can keep me whole, ’cause I’m outta control
Take your break, go slow hope it’s not so close
You went around in the city lights, around
Girl, we can paint such a pretty life
(Wish I could have told you what that was like)
Last week I dipped, girl you did me right, oh right
Shaking up the bed with my hands tied
I admit I’m lost, can I hitch a ride?
Somebody will know, like a lullaby
Whispers in my head, keep me up at night
But how could I be scared, if you’re right by my side
(I was looking for you at Coachella, both of you)
We don’t get to talk a lot, now that you’re a grown-up
Girl, just hop in that Wraith, send you flowers every day
Climb the tallest mountain in the city just to yell “I love ya”
But baby that was my mistake, see my heart when it breaks
Tends to always wanna say “Baby I love ya”
So girl just hop up in the–

Who the fuck turned this shit on, nigga
I told you don’t play no motherfucking whack shit
Big drip only

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