Lil Uzi Vert & Dora – Rivals + lyrics

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Lil Uzi Vert and Dora team up on this hit track titled “Rivals”

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Rivals lyrics

(Uh) I get back and right on back and I can’t stop (Uh)
Potato on my gun make some tater tots (yeah)
Tomato red beam it give you chicken pocks (Uh)
Swag, finesse I’m clean you this shit won’t stop (won’t stop)
Ok Yeah, Ok Aye, Thats your bitch or not? (Yeah)
I just asked that question ’cause your girlfriend always on my jock (oh God)
Balenciaga with Venements, designer I mix alot
Walking with my stick alot, she sick ’cause she suck dick alot
Pescatarian but I sell fishes at the chicken spot
I’m a millionaire but I hang with the boys that pick the locks
Hold on Uh, Pull up in drop, It’s a red light but I never will stop (skrtt)
Cuttin’ my finger when I count the guap
And bro broke his wrist when he whippin the pot
Son, stop ’cause I am your Pops
I sell out my show like that shit was woodstock
Yeah, I’m high to the moon, Yeah I’m high to the moon
Yeah, White Gold on my wrist, this shit hit like a spoon
Uh, Pay your boo, Just to feed my goons
Soon as that bitch turn around, Put that boy into 2 (oh yeah)
{?}, No Tahoe
Treat the game like I won the Lotto
Walk around clean but you know but you know I got slat nose
Fuck a bitch once hit the high note
That boy he not real, he a typo
Know I get to the bread like a casserole
Gettin that Lettuce, you know that I shred it, you know that I bled it you know that I read it
Chain on my neck, its so icy so heavy
So slippery told that bitch that you could sled it
I can not see nun of these niggas, I can not see no bullshit man, I turned into reddit
Handy like Mandy, yo bitch hot and ready
She on her knees, but not give her no pedi

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