Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez – Suge (Remix) + lyrics

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Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez team up to deliver a hot remix over the instrumental of DaBaby’s buzzing single “Suge.”

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Suge (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Joyner Lucas]
Yeah, ain’t no one colder than me (Yeah)
I’m straight from the mud, I got me a plug
And now I be rollin’ with Meech (Woah, woah)
You think you the shit? I think you a bitch
Now go ahead and call the police (Bitch)
These niggas’ll trip, your homie’s a snitch
You’ll probably be home in a week (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I hit up Tory and told him I know you don’t like me but fuck it I’m over the beef (Word)
Told ’em we could be friends, invited him over and gave him some soda and bleach (Haha)
They said Joyner you lost it, I told them they soft
Now go take a stroll on the beach (Yeah)
Nigga, I get the sauce, bitch I’m a dog
Just don’t get a hold of my leash (Woof)
Y’all niggas back to the bluffin’ (Blow)
Joyner get back to the bustin’ (Blow)
If I do not make a few million this year then I might just go back to the hustlin’
I got me some product and I ain’t gonna hide it
I might just start trappin’ in public
I might go to prison and free all my niggas
That’s word to Harriet Tubman
Tired of you askin’ me questions, I’m sick of it
Why you keep shuttin’ shit down on the internet?
Why do you have so much talent and benefits?
Why you keep droppin’ your album in increments?
A.D.H.D. is a social experiment
Who pay attention the most when they’re hearin’ it?
You cannot stop it, there’s no interferin’ it
This is my moment and no one is sharin’ it
Nigga, I’m just gettin’ started, I hit all my targets
I promise I vary the fun (Yeah)
If I do not win the Grammy this year then I’ll blow that bitch up and then everyone dyin’ (Yeah)
I think all my shit is hot, if everyone think that it’s not then everyone lyin’
I hope my shit doesn’t flop, ’cause I’ll put a gun to your head and make everyone buy it
I’m diggin’ the hole you get buried inside (Woo), all you get buried in silence
The day that I die I get buried in diamonds
I’m killin’ you niggas, you barely survivin’ (Brrt, brrt, brrt, brrt)
I think I’m so high, I could marry a pilot
I’m Area 51 alien, I let my UFO fly in, it’s scary and violent
I shut down the planet, you hearin’ the sirens
I’m very excited and you shouldn’t bother (Woo)
Joyner got too many problems (Word)
I told that little bitch that I’m down with a threesome as long as it’s you and your mama (Yeah)
I ain’t got no patience, I love to get dirty
But fuck it I’m cool with the drama (Cool)
When niggas be hatin’, I tell them no worries my nigga, Hakuna Matata
I don’t wear Prada, just bring me a white tee
I bust some Margiela’s, I still wear the Nikes
I roll with some hitters, I know you don’t like me
I shit on you niggas, now bring me some wipeys (Grra grra)
You think I’m a killer? Well maybe I might be
I ain’t got no feelings I dare you to fight me
I’ll swing with a left but I’m really a righty
Get pussy and money, it barely excites me
You read it, don’t try me, so bow
Fuck all you pricks
You cannot harm me, I think you a bitch
You think I’m corny? I think I’m the shit
When she get horny, she tickle my dick
When I was broke, I would think like I’m rich
‘Til I fucked up my credit and hit me a lick (Woo woo woo)
Then I got me some money to get me a crib
And then blew it on bitches from Plenty of Fish (Fuck was I thinkin’?)
I’m goin’ back to the streets (Yeah)
If Freddy and Jason had babies my nigga I promise then that would be me (Word)
Niggas all in my honey and actin’ all funny, I think I’m attracted to bees
They told me that I changed, I looked in the mirror like what the fuck happened to me?
Ever since I done came up, these niggas been so in their feelings
They countin’ my pockets I know that it’s killin’ ’em
Tell me you proud but you know that you jealous
The money keep pilin’ I know that you smell it
You think you entitled? Well suck on a dick and I hope that you swallow
And that’s how I’m feelin’, put that on the Bible
Don’t call me your family, you know you’re my rival I do what I gotta
Now turn the fuckin’ TV up, I’m in the media
And ain’t nobody wanna see me up, a nigga heating up
I’m like a sickle cell anemia, I really mean it
But I’m ’bout to slow a nigga breathin’ up I think he’s seen enough
I go to hell, I fuck a demon up, I think I’m mean enough
To beat a nigga with Adidas ’til I fuck the sneakers up (Yeah)
I’ll sucker-punch you when I’m sneakin’ up
You couldn’t see me but I had to hit ’em like a meteor (Boom, boom, boom)
And make ’em giddy up, to get the trunk
And I went from nothing to somethin’
I fell in love with the guns and I got a hundred away (Brrratat)
And like every day that I’m bustin’ I’m putting one in your stomach
I got ’em jumping and running, you better cover and duck (Brrratat)
And I’m not the one to be fucked with
I’m not the one that you think you could do whatever you want to (Brrratat)
There’s gonna be repercussions
The enemies know what’s up and I’m up at three in the mornin’ When you be sleepin’ and yawnin’, you know the evil be callin’
Somebody better call the ambulance for the E-M-T (Yeah)
Nigga, I’m the bomb like T-N-T
Bet I roll up on a nigga with a G-M-C
Get to clappin’ on the mental, bitter E-N-D
Call the plug, tell him that I want at least ten keys
Now I’m back in business, E-P-M-D (Woo)
Couldn’t walk in my shoes with a street stampede
Can’t walk this way I Run D-M-C (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
Pack in the mail, I shouldn’t have done it it’s crackin’ the scale
Had to switch position from the kitchen nigga, I was flippin’ like a spatula there
Pretty Ricky with them bitches when I’m hittin’ long as a trip I’m spectacular here
Here shit light shit, white whip open up look like a packet of mayo
I’m back in Rodeo, fuckin’ up the check and chuckin’ up the set
And I’m back off the layover, payover way over niggas
No slumber but a nigga stay over, nigga
Your bitch is with me to the day-day, AK loaded up the same way
Chain swang, white person screamin’ out, “Gang gang!”
Slide or kick, Jet Li or Lui K-K-K (Wah)
I got a little me, he got me based God like brring ding ding
Got a main dame, Audemar that’s my main thang
Got a Rollie watch, her name Jane but she playin’ plain so we call her plain Jane
Overhaul, let it bang-bang like the fingers twistin’ on a gang member sittin’ in a chain gang
Nigga please, I got old nigga cheese, y’all got old nigga knees
Can’t let a faux nigga roll up, put a hole in your shit then let the hoe nigga leave man
Y’all niggas know a nigga T-O-R-Y, all my niggas got pores and the Os
For the free off of the fee, if a nigga throw a couple Gs get a little nigga smoke for the free, man
One five ‘oh for a show nigga, that’s how I go I was chosen with those melodies
Niggas hatin’ have a goner with those enemies
And the snakes keep blowin’ it with those in the breeze
I’m up to no good, my boy’s in the hood
But no young Jeezy, and no Jody Breezy could blow 40 Gs
Still come back who the fuck lookin’ like the Ol’ Dirty B from the Wu-Tang nigga
I could say nothin’ on a motherfuckin’ track, still go back plat’ like Pootie Tang nigga
Do your thing nigga, hoppin’ in the Mulsanne
Hotter than the blue flame lit up in the full tank nigga
Man niggas better hide, niggas what, niggas what?
Nigga, niggas at the bottom of the food chain, nigga
Nigga so lame, can’t crew hang, nigga can’t crew bang with ya, can’t move a thang with ya’
See a little bad bitch walkin’ down the block but she lookin’ at me ’cause your crew can’t get her
I’m a dominator, moderator, pass your chick like hot potato
Police not-cooperator
I won’t tolerate a bitch she talkin’ crazy, not me lil’ nigga
I be on the beach with the C little nigga
I been triplin’ enough to double some trees, little nigga
Livin’ it up with the women up in these, little nigga
Give it up all my niggas is talkin’ to havin’, niggas stuck
I been drippin’ and drippin’ like a nigga’s tippin’ the bucket
I been whippin’ these bitches stickin’ out my dick in public, they be lickin it’
Nigga done get to familiar fuckin’
I be fuckin’ these women in ten percent tinted windows
And I’m yellin’ and tellin’ they gotta get-a-get to steppin’
I’m reppin’ Umbrella forever my niggas in a bundle
I’m fly as propellers, you jealous enough
A nigga comin’, I’m eatin’ these niggas like ketchup an’ relish on a bun
I got the money to fund the winners when I want it
And when I want it I wanna feel like it you can’t front on us
I got your ex-chick and your next chick on a pole in my livin’ room floor tryin’ to dance alone
And as long as I gotta put my hands all on her she said: “Hands to the air”, ’til it landed on her
I said damn, had to put it in her head I ain’t droppin’ no bread
This is not that Gretel and the Hansel story
Got a Coupe full of hoes and the hoes in the Coupe ’til the Lamborghini doors to the floors and the roof
When I’m gone in a poof, I’m exposin’ the globe to the truth
They be knowin’ I be showin’ up with proof
Any faux nigga, any hoe nigga, any low joe schmo nigga better know
When I unload Get Low, Get Low, Get Low like Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz, nigga
And my little bitch type thick, uh
Neck is freezy as a ice-pick, uh
Out of sanction like a high kick, uh
Niggas gonna copy my style like a right click
All of my dogs’ll kill you like Mike Vick
Let that pistol put that boy in a Heimlich
I was handin’ them Ls to Joyner and Don for comin’ out actin’ too lightskin
Nigga I’m back in the buildin’ applyin’ the pressure spittin’ bunch of flyin’ and firin’
Numbers so fuckin’ hot you think I died in the desert came back to fuck up your entire endeavour
You tryin’ me? Never, your squad will get shot up for tryin’ be clever
My diamonds forever, designin’ and linin’ ’em better give ’em a choice
Which one you want die with, the Nine or Beretta?
I’m sorry for being intolerant I got this violent temper
I like when I’m cold I shoot a nigga make ’em die in December
You been a bitch as long as I can remember
You say that shit gay and them niggas keep talkin’
I promise to silence your members and quiet your temper
While firing bullets that fly at your mental and pry at your denim
I’ll hire somebody to fire the jet up and get up and send a shooter that’ll fly off your rental
I promise I’m high on my mental might think it’s a setup and find me a nigga
Might line that nigga for the paper let the heater get to foldin’
Origami the nigga the Louie luggage
Bustin’, damier nigga but true we thuggin’ no insomnia nigga
I’m really a top 3

[Outro: Tory Lanez]
Man hold on I’m rappin’ too much man
Fuck this shit

Joyner Lucas ft. Timbaland – 10 Bands + Lyrics

MP3 DOWNLOAD Joyner Lucas ft. Timbaland – 10 Bands

Joyner Lucas and Timbaland collaborate on this new jam titled “10 Bands”.

“10 Bands” is the fifth single from Joyner Lucas‘ second studio album ADHD. The track marks the first collaboration between Joyner Lucas and the legendary producer Timbaland

Download, Listen and be sure to drop your thoughts on this track in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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10 Bands lyrics

Uh, uh-huh

Ten bands (Uh), twenty bands (What?)
She’ll do anything for a couple grand (Uh)
Never had no money but she love to dance (What?)
I give all my money back to Uncle Sam
My ex bitch still want another chance (What?)
Man, I swear I’ll never fall in love again (Uh)
I done came up, I’m the fuckin’ man (What?)
Me and Timbaland got other plans (Frikki-frikki, oh-oh)

[Verse 1]
You don’t really know what you up against (Yeah)
Boy, you know I always got the upper hand (Woo)
You ain’t never been through the struggle, man (Boop)
Home-made grits in the oven pan (Uh)
You don’t want shit, you don’t wanna dance (No)
Two shots, make ’em do the runnin’ man (Uh)
And they say, “Love is a drug” (Uh-huh)
Man, I swear I’ll never take drugs again
I traded my bike for a Hobie (Hobie)
Traded my Hobie for a Honda (Honda)
Traded my Honda for a Panther (Yeah)
I just got a crib in Wakanda (Woo)
I never been into the drama (Drama)
Never been a fan of designer (Uh)
All I really got is one wish (What’s that?)
A one night stand with Madonna (Woo)
Think I gotta hit ’em wit’ the head bust (Head bust, uh-huh)
This is for ’em days that they made me ride a motherfuckin’ sped bus (Ayy, uh-huh)
And this is for ’em days that my teachers tol’ me I should go and sell drugs
Niggas went to jail, ain’t nobody put the bail up
Shawty had the money, but she went and got her hair done
Niggas hated on me, but I never really cared much

Ten bands (Yeah), twenty bands (Whoa)
She’ll do anything for a couple grand (Yeah)
Never had no money but she love to dance (Boop)
And I gave all my money back to Uncle Sam (Uh)
My ex bitch still want another chance (Yeah)
Man, I swear I’ll never fall in love again (What?)
And they say, “Love is a drug” (Uh-huh)

[Verse 2]
I done brought the—
I done brought the—
I done brought the hitters out to play (Uh-huh)
I don’t like you, you don’t like me
Fuck it, let’s get it out the way (Uh-huh)
What we gon’ do? What’s it gon’ be?
I just got a million out the bank (Uh-huh)
Spoil my son, do what I please
Fuck what any nigga gotta say (Uh-huh, boop)
Lay in the sun, tickle my feet
I just might pull up in the mink (Mink)
Take my enemies out to drink (What?)
Toss my weapons in the lake (Yeah)
Count up my blessings, them straight (Nah)
I think I might go on a date (Uh)
Count all my dough in the safe
Roll with the wave, look at my soul in the face
They don’t even know what to say
I just want–

Ten bands, twenty bands (Woo)
She’ll do anything for a couple grand (Yeah)
Never had no money but she love to dance (Yeah)
I gave all my money back to Uncle Sam
My ex bitch still want another chance (Yeah)
Man, I swear I’ll never fall in love again (Uh)
Someone said, “Love is a drug” (Uh-huh)

[Verse 3]
Men lie—, men lie—, men lie—
Men lie, women lie, niggas lie, yeah
I’ma ride ‘long as I am alive, whoa (Boop, boop)
Homicide, kill ’em like genocide, yeah (Brrap, brrap)
Get it on camera, televise, whoa (Boop, boop)
ADHD, I identify, uh (Brrap, brrap)
Look at my feelings, I’m civilized, yeah
Analyzed, and I might spin a knife with a dyke (Brrap, brrap)
Get it right, bitch, if I hit it right, uh
I remember scraping at the quarters (Uh-huh, quarters)
Drinkin’ from the sink to get some water (Uh-huh, water)
Tryna pay the rent I couldn’t afford it (Uh-huh)
Stressin’ made a nigga bipolar (Uh-huh, woo!)
Washing machine out of order (Uh-huh, order)
Nigga had to hustle on the corner (Uh-huh, corner)
Now I’m back, I’m four from the border
Saving up hoes like a hoarder

Ten bands (Woo), twenty bands (What?)
She’ll do anything for a couple grand (Yeah)
Never had no money but she love to dance (Woo)
I gave all my money back to Uncle Sam
My ex bitch still want another chance (Ayy)
Man, I swear, I’ll never fall in love again (Woo)
I done came up, I’m the fuckin’ man (Woo)
Me and Timbaland got other plans (Woo)
You don’t really know what you up against (Woo)
Boy, you know I always had the upper hand (Woo)
You ain’t never been through the struggle, man (Woo)
Home-made grits in the oven pan (Woo)
You don’t want shit, you don’t wanna dance (Woo)
Two shots, make ’em do the runnin’ man (Woo)
Someone said, “Love is a drug” (Uh-huh)
I don’t wanna ever take drugs again (Boop!)

Joyner Lucas – Broke And Stupid + lyrics

MP3 DOWNLOAD Joyner Lucas – Broke And Stupid

Joyner Lucas is back with another new single titled “Broke And Stupid”, shortly after the release of his very controversial song and video, Devil’s Work.

Broke and Stupid” is the fourth official single for Joyner Lucas‘ second studio album ADHD.

Download, listen and be sure to tell us what you think about this track in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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Broke and Stupid lyrics

First, we’re affected by what we know
When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes
That’s the first thing I tell ’em
Get the information while you’re here
Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school
So get the information, being broke is bad
But being stupid is what’s really bad
And what’s really, really bad is being broke and stupid

[Verse 1]
Uh, this the shit I dreamed about when I was only four
Sugar, water, mac and cheese, we were broke and poor (Yeah)
Court evictions, landlords never show remorse
Now I’m in the building, when they greet me, they gon’ hold the door (Yeah)
I never needed your acceptance, this is my destiny
I made devil’s work and turned it into God’s blessings
Can’t knock me off the block, this is not Tetris
Life lessons, I learned tables turn, that’s my assessment
They told me to be patient, but I need to flex (Woo)
I’m so famous, I could finally hit JAY-Z direct (Yeah)
I might hit up Drake, and tell him to send me the jet
I might drink Cîroc with Puff, if he send me a check (Word)
Lot of squares in my family, I could see the stress
Bunch of crabs in the bucket tryna eat my flesh
I ain’t nothing like you niggas, I don’t even rest
I don’t sleep until I see success, I wish you the best (Joyner)
I ain’t on no hating shit, I just want to get rich (Word)
I don’t do relationships, I don’t want to commit
Lot of bitches did me dirty, ain’t talked to me since
And now I’m insecure, closed off, but that’s hard to admit (Word)
I’m just thinking about the days you were making me jealous
Can’t rain on my parade, when I’m made of umbrellas (Woo)
Fuck it, they don’t phase me, I don’t stay in my feelings
Thought money would change me, but it changed all my niggas (Facts)
I just bought a Lamborghini and painted the ceiling
I ain’t bragging, I’m just happy I made me a million
ADHD, I was slow, now they label me brilliant
I’m proud of niggas like HOV, he made him a billion (Yeah)
I hope I’ll never go broke, tryna break through the ceilings
Fifty thousand on the low, I might make an appearance (Yeah)
This that shit that made them kids run away from they parents
Nigga, I’m breaking your spirit (Woo)
I told myself: “If I go out, then I’ma light my wrist” (Boom)
If I die today, I’m happy for the life I live (Blah, blah)
And my son is only three, he be like: “Mama rich”
Told him: “Go outside to play, just be inside by six” (Ayy)
I done made my niggas proud, ye ain’t gotta love me (Good)
Give a fuck about your opinion, only God could judge me (Blah, blah)
I don’t even write on paper, I just write on Tully (Woo)
I’ma hire an assistant to make her write it for me (Ayy)
This is me against the world, that’s the mood I’m in (Goddamn)
Hop up out the fucking pussy like I’m new again (Woo)
I remember they was calling me a hooligan
In special education, I just might go back to school again (Woah)
Only hit it once, then I make her leave (Woo, woo)
We ain’t cuddling, I need some space to breathe (Woo, woo)
If she fuck me good, I let her stay to three (Woo, woo)
No, I’m not your man, but we can make believe
Okay, you got a ass, that don’t mean a thing to me
Stop acting like a brat, bitch, I ain’t Jermaine Dupri (Woo)
These pussy niggas talkin’ ’bout what they gon’ say to me
And they gon’ beat me up, I told ’em that’s some shit I’d pay to see (Stupid)

And what’s really, really bad is being broke and stupid
Nothing much worse than that, unless you’re sick
Like sick, broke and stupid
That’s about as far as you can fall, unless you’re ugly, right?
But surely that would be the ultimate, right?
The ultimate negative life: ugly, sick, broke and stupid

[Verse 2]
I turned my life into a movie, bitch, I think I’m Rocky (Yeah)
I can’t even wear my jewelry now, they think I’m cocky (Ayy, ayy)
I know that I got myself if I ain’t got nobody (Buh, buh)
Just bought a pistol, I just hope that it ain’t got no bodies (Brat)
You gon’ have to pay the price, if you get wishy washy (Woo)
This a Talladega Night, I think I’m Ricky Bobby (Bah, bah)
My advice: quit the music, get a different hobby
All you lil’ niggas sound the same, just a different copy (Woah)
And I bow my head and pray for this (Woo, woo)
Yeah, I spill my guts and made a mess (Woo, woo)
Shit, I ran on Mars and made a wish
Yeah, I stand on cars like Jaden Smith (Yeah)
And I ball so hard, I sprain my wrist (Bah)
If I shoot it, then I ain’t gon’ miss
Loyal nigga, so I ain’t gon’ switch (Woo)
Blew my money at the strippy, it don’t make no sense
Broke and stupid, shit will never be the same again

And what’s really, really bad is being broke and stupid (Stupid, stupid)

Joyner Lucas ft. Logic– ISIS

Joyner Lucas and Logic collaborate on this track titled “ISIS”. It is the third single for Joyner Lucas’s 2019 Album ADHD. The song is named after the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS, that the two artists use its likeness to express their dangerousness.

Joyner Lucas – Devil’s work + lyrics

Joyner Lucas is here with this steaming hot track titled “Devil’s work”